HP Officejet Pro 9012 Printer Setup

HP Officejet pro 9012 Printer Setup

Figure 1 : HP Officejet Pro 9012 - Printer

hp officejet pro 9012 setup with computer

1. Unpack the HP Officejet Pro 9012 printer Setup

  • Initially, take out all the supplies along with the printer.
  • Keep it aside to check the condition of the printer parts.
  • Now, you have to make sure that the printer has no damage.
  • Next, reveal the power cable, HP ink cartridge, and printer manual.
  • Connect to the computer once the overall checkup is over.

hp officejet pro 9012 driver

2. Download the HP Officejet Pro 9012 Driver

  • Initially, get an active internet connection for downloading hp officejet pro 9012 driver.
  • Now, select the drivers using the OS model and printer model.
  • On entering the officejet pro printer and OS version, you can get the supported drivers.
  • Then, look at the driver list and download the driver.
  • To conclude the process, install and assign a network connection.

hp officejet pro 9012 wireless printer setup

3. Connect your HP Officejet Pro 9012 with wireless

  • Completing the HP Officejet Pro 9012 wireless setup guides you through the hp officejet pro 9012 printer setup.
  • First, you need to have specific details for the installation with the wireless setup.
  • Get the network credentials of the selected network. Next, use the Wireless icon on the printer.
  • At last, connect the printer to the network by entering the password.

HP Officejet Pro 9012 Printer setup Guide

The first time printer setup is straightforward for you to complete. Follow the below HP Officejet Pro 9012 printer setup instructions for a quick setup. Initially, unbox the printer and select the accessories to connect. After the printer setup, you can complete the software setup for the printer.

Step 1 : Unboxing the HP Officejet Pro 9012 Setup

  • First of all, you should unpack the printer by clearing away the surrounding plasters.
  • To start with, select a firm and neat surface to keep the printer.
  • Then, discard all the packaging material and take out the accessories.
  • Now, find the power cord to connect with the printer and wall outlet.
  • Next, ensure the proper supply of electricity to the printer.
  • After that, power up the printer and set the preferences for your hp officejet pro 9012 printer setup.
  • Later, open the paper tray to load the papers inside it.
  • Afterward, choose the HP ink cartridges to install it in the printer.
  • Note: Make sure that you have removed the tab on the cartridge.

Step 2 : Connect your HP Officejet Pro 9012 Printer with computer

  • Interfacing your new printer with the computer is the first step.
  • The printer can connect via the USB cable or wireless based on availability.
  • Now, here are the instructions to configure the 9012 printer with the network.
  • Firstly, check if you have got the LAN cable for connecting with the printer device.
  • The device should have a proper USB port. You have to confirm the presence of the USB port.
  • Now, clear any protective caps on the port before you connect.
  • After that, download the hp officejet pro 6978 driver from the website based on the printer and OS model.
  • Lastly, the device will seek permission to connect the LAN cable.
  • At that time, you have to connect the cable for establishing a connection.

HP Officejet Pro 9012 Printer Driver Download and Installation

Easily download and install hp officejet pro 9012 driver depending on the availability. The common method to download the driver is to use the CD/DVD. Select the driver from the CD after inserting it to download it. Secondly, you can use the link for downloading recent drivers.

hp officejet pro 9012 driver download

Figure 2 : HP Officejet pro 9012 driver download and install

Option 1 : Install Officejet Pro 9012 software from CD/DVD

  • To describe it clearly, you have to select the CD slot on the printer.
  • After opening the CD tray, install the disc in it.
  • Then, wait until you see the hp officejet pro 9012 driver download screen with multiple options.
  • Choose the AutoPlay option to run the file without any error.

Option 2 : Download and install HP Officejet Pro 9012 Printer Software

  • Now, move to your printer driver page and select the officejet pro printer model.
  • Then, choose the driver that displays on the screen.
  • Next, download the selected hp officejet pro 9012 driver from the list.
  • Later, click on the Download option of the driver and wait for the completion.
  • After that, install the hp officejet pro 9012 driver with the available options.
HP Officejet Pro 9012 Printer Troubleshooting

A printer may come up with small internal issues when you use it for a long time. While facing hp officejet pro 9012 setup issues, you can contact our technical crew. And, we can assist with all hp printer software related issues.

Officejet Pro 9012 Driver Installation issues

  • To begin with, look at the system OS model that you have connected.
  • Then, choose the drivers only based on the printer model and OS.
  • If there is any deviation in the hp officejet pro 9012 driver package, remove the driver.
  • Now, refresh the overall print system with settings.
  • In case if you need our help, you can reach us at any time.

Officejet Pro 9012 printer not found in the list

  • Initially, make sure the hp officejet pro 9012 printer setup and computer are active.
  • Then, check the connection between the devices.
  • A poor connection may give this error. Follow the troubleshooting steps for the network connect and driver.
  • Next, connect to a different network for downloading the compatible drivers.
  • For resolving this issue, you can connect with us through +1844-687-6686