HP Officejet Pro 8028 Printer setup

HP Officejet pro 8028 Printer setup

Figure 1 : HP Officejet pro 8028 - Printer

printer setup with computer

1. Unpack the HP Officejet Pro 8028 printer Setup

  • Check for HP Officejet Pro 8028 printer accessories to setup.
  • The first printer setup begins with the unboxing of the package and other components.
  • Check that all the components present here are existing in the list.
  • Do necessary attachments and make your printer ready.
  • Once this is over, check that your printer is ready to function or not.
printer setup usa driver download

2. Download the HP Officejet Pro 8028 Driver

  • The driver download is the most important step to make your printer function properly.
  • Enter the printer model, and find the latest hp printer software for your printer.
  • You can either prefer downloading a full feature software or a basic driver.
  • Open the downloaded driver and try installing it using the following procedure shown.
hp wireless printer setup

3. Connect your HP Officejet Pro 8028 with wireless

  • To begin the wireless connection, finish the hp officejet pro 8028 printer setup.
  • Click on the wireless button when the prompt box displays the connection type.
  • If you are installing the printer software, finish the process by following the on-screen instructions.
  • For better network connection, keep your wireless router close to your HP Officejet Pro 8028 printer.

HP Officejet Pro 8028 Printer Guide Install

The first time hp officejet pro 8028 printer setup is an important setup for any device. This process begins with unboxing the printer, connection of power cord, installation of an ink cartridge. The next step is to download the printer software and install it.

Step 1 : Unboxing the HP Officejet Pro 8028 Printer

  • Unpack the printer from the carton.
  • Detach all the tapes and stickers from the outer of the printer.
  • Next, open the cartridge access door and take away the tapes.
  • Attach the power cable to the printer and the electric outlet.
  • Next, open the cartridge access door and wait for some time.
  • Now, load the new cartridge into the respective slots gently.
  • After installing the cartridge, open the paper tray.
  • Place an adequate amount of papers in the input tray.
  • Once all this over, the initial printer setup steps are over.

Step 2 : Connect your HP Officejet Pro 8028 Printer with computer

  • Want to connect your printer to the device using the USB cable? If yes, follow the steps given below.
  • Turn on your hp officejet pro 8028 printer setup and keep it in a ready state.
  • Separate the USB cables from the printer, if there is any.
  • Now, try downloading the driver, and tap on the driver download option.
  • Track the on-screen procedure line by line and finish the installation process.
  • A series of message boxes will appear.
  • Once the installation is over, a prompt will appear, asking you to choose the connection type.
  • Now, connect your officejet pro 8028 printers to the computer using the USB cable.

HP Officejet Pro 8028 Printer Driver Download and Installation

To select the HP Officejet Pro 8028 Driver, understand the available drivers. The two simplest ways for driver installation is CD installation and by direct click on the link. Keep the CD on the CD drive and start the driver download process. In the next method, you can download the right driver by simply clicking the link.

hp printer driver download

Figure 2 : HP Officejet pro 8028 driver download and install

Option 1 : Install Officejet Pro 8028 software from CD/DVD

  • Before you install the CD driver, make sure that you connect your printer with the computer.
  • Take the CD out of the printer package.
  • Check that the CD does not have any scrapes or marks on it.
  • Tap on the Autoplay option and insert the CD into the CD drive of the computer.

Option 2 : Download and install from hp ojpro 8028 printer Software

  • Before you download the latest HP Officejet Pro 8028 driver, know about the OS version and printer model.
  • Enter suitable details in the search box and find the right driver.
  • Next, tap on the download option and click on the install option.
  • The next step is to finish the software installation process.
HP Officejet Pro 8028 Printer Troubleshooting
Approach our printer technician to find the repair steps for all your printer issues. You can try the printer troubleshooting steps, which are comfortable. Or, hand over your printer problem to us, and we can take care of it.

Officejet Pro 8028 Driver Installation issues

  • When you get the error message regarding the driver, you should restart the driver download process.
  • Next, remove the oldest hp printer software, which causes the issue.
  • Now, choose a different driver to proceed with the driver printer.
  • If you are not able to connect and download, we are here to assist you.
  • Call our technical helpline to get instant help.

Officejet Pro 8028 printer not found in the list

  • At first, refresh the settings on the hp officejet pro 8028 printer setup and computer.
  • Then, choose the correct settings for compatibility.
  • You can also clear the available driver from the computer.
  • Next, try connecting to a different network and check if it works fine.
  • Or else, call us to get the service for your HP Printer.