HP Officejet Pro 6970 Printer

HP Officejet Pro 6970 printer is perfect for making your printing job less complex at affordable prices. It is best to cater both your office and home printer-related work. Want to enjoy the print, copy, fax, and scan? If yes, then Officejet Pro 6970 Printer is the best. This printer model is compatible with both windows and mac operating systems. hp ojpro 6970 printer model helps you get a professional printing quality each time. The setup process begins from unpacking the printer box, establishing the network connection, loading the paper, and installation of an ink cartridge.

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Figure 1: hp officejet pro 6970 - printer

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HP Officejet Pro 6970 First Time Printer setup All-in-one

ptinter setup with computer1. Check for Officejet Pro 6970 printer accesseries to setup

The initial setup of the printer is the mandatory step to enjoy the features of the printer model. Begin the process by taking away the printer from the package. Eliminate the packaging material from the sides of the hp ojpro 6970 printer. Next, cross-check the accessories present in the box. Now, from the control panel take away the film.

printer setup usa driver download2. Find and Download Officejet Pro 6970 recommended Driver

Before starting the download of the driver, know about the recent driver for your printer. Search the driver and begin the installation process. A list of printer HP Officejet Pro 6970 drivers and software will be available. From which you can pick your printer and enjoy the printing features.

hp wireless printer setup3. Complete HP Officejet Pro 6970 installation with wireless setup

If you’re setting the printer for the first time, then eliminate all the packaging material. Simply, begin from connecting the power cord, installing the ink cartridges, and loading the paper tray. The first time hp ojpro 6970 printer wireless setup will not be a hectic task if you have proper instructions.

HP Officejet Pro 6970 Printer setup

The setup of your HP Officejet Pro 6970 printer includes unpacking, supplying power connection, inserting papers, and ink cartridges. Your printer is ready to work if you complete the above steps without error. If you face difficulties in the printer setup, reach our technical team to get setup service. 

Step 1 : Unboxing the HP Officejet Pro 6970 Printer

  • Take out the hp officejet pro 6970 printer from the cartridge and remove the tapes from the outer surface.
  • Place the printer on a clean and flat surface.
  • Check the condition of the other accessories available in the package.
  • Connect your printer to the electric outlet using a power cord.
  • Make sure that the power supply is stable.
  • Next, pull the paper tray outside.
  • Load a sufficient amount of paper into the input tray.
  • Now, open the cartridge door and eliminate the packaging material.
  • Hold ink cartridge firmly and slide into the respective areas.
  • Once the initial printer setup is over, your printer is half set to go.

Step 2 : Connect your HP Officejet Pro 6970 Printer with computer

  • Begin the process by making sure that your hp ojpro 6970 printer and device are compatible with each other.
  • Collect facts regarding the network like SSID and network password.
  • Connect your computer to the same wireless network.
  • Download the driver and finish the installation process.
  • Choose the network type and click OK.
  • Now, disconnect the USB cable and wait until it again prompt to connect USB cable.
  • Wait for a few minutes for a steady network connection.
  • Tap on the printer and tap on the setup button from the control panel.
  • Now, your printer will be ready to print.

Get Assistant for Officejet Pro 6970 Printer Setup

For Officejet Pro 6970 complete printer installtion dial to +1844-687-6686
Get Assistance to set up Printer >>

Toll Free +1844-687-6686

Installing a Downloaded Driver on HP Officejet Pro 6970

Downloading an appropriate HP Officejet Pro 6970 printer software and driver will help you to print from your computer. You can easily download and install the specific drivers by using the CD.  Other than this, you can also download using the link. It is totally user choice of how they want.

hp printer driver download
Figure 2: hp ojpro 6970 - driver installation

Option 1 : Install Officejet Pro 6970 software from CD/DVD

  • Step 1: Switch on your officejet pro 6970 printer and your device.
  • Step 2: Next, establish a stable connection between them.
  • Step 3: Insert the CD/DVD to the drive slot of your device.
  • Step 4: Open the downloaded setup file and right-click on the start driver installation process.
  • Step 5: Now, autorun the file and install the driver.
  • Step 6: Establish the connection when the prompts box appears.

Option 2 : Download and install HP Officejet Pro 6970 Printer Software

  • Step 1:To start the process, turn on the hp officejet pro 6970 printer and computer (window and mac).
  • Step 2: Click the link and try downloading the driver package.
  • Step 3: Ensure that the driver supports the windows.
  • Step 4: Download the driver and finish the installation process.
  • Step 5: Find your printer name in the list.
  • Step 6: If the desired printer name is missing, then add manually.

Use Wireless Setup Wizard from the HP Officejet Pro 6970 printer

Before starting the HP Officejet Pro 6970 wireless setup, check the strength of the signal. Switch on the router and check the strength of the signal.  Make sure you connect your printer and computer on the same network. Next, enter the details regarding the network.

Option 1 : Connect wireless Officejet Pro 6970 printer using Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Step 1: Know the information like network name and password.
  • Step 2: Turn on the hp ojpro 6970 printer and your device.
  • Step 3: From control panel, search for the wireless setup wizard option.
  • Step 4: Enter the respective details when the prompts appear.
  • Step 5: Save the necessary changes and complete the network setup.

Option 2 : Connect using Download and install Officejet Pro 6970 wireless software

  • Step 1: To begin the process, select wireless software according to the hp  officejet pro 6970 printer model.
  • Step 2: Next, using the HP smart try downloading the software.
  • Step 3: Now, try installing the recent wireless software for your printer.
  • Step 4: Next, select the download button and track the procedure till the end.
hp wireless printer setup pin push method
Figure 3: hp ojpro 6970 - wireless setup

HP Officejet Pro 6970 WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

 The initial requirements for the WPS setup are your computer and router must support the WPS. You need to get panic because most of the HP printer support this. Know the WPA or WPA2 security of the network. Switch on your HP Officejet Pro 6970 printer. Tap on the wireless icon present in the control panel. Select the settings and then tap on the wireless setup wizard.

Option 1 : HP Officejet Pro 6970 Wireless Protected Setup in Windows

  • Step 1: To use the WPS, ensure that your windows is compatible with your printer or not.
  • Step 2: Now, try establishing the connection between your officejet pro 6970 printer and computer.
  • Step 3: Tap on the device and printers option and try adding the printer to the list.
  • Step 4: Next, tap on the WPS option present in the printer to begin the network process.

Option 2 : HP Officejet Pro 6970 Wireless Protected Setup in Mac

  • Step 1: If you have a mac device, then this method is best for you.
  • Step 2: Start with taping the wireless button of the printer.
  • Step 3: Now, click the wi-fi protected setup option.
  • Step 4: Next, tap on the push button of your mac device.
  • Step 5: In the end, click the start button to begin the wireless connection.

HP Officejet Pro 6970 WPS Connection

Wireless Protected Setup is a secure way to connect the printer to your device. On the control panel, tap on the connection option. Next, select the wi-fi protected setup. Now, press the WPS mode from your hp ojpro 6970 printer. Follow the instructions completely, and you can see the wi-fi light on your printer.

Connect your Officejet Pro 6970 Using WPS Button

  • Step 1: Start from the control panel and click the wireless option.
  • Step 2: Next, tap on the wi-fi protected setup and follow the guidelines given on-screen.
  • Step 3: Now, click the WPS option available on the router.
  • Step 4: Once this is over, try connecting your hp ojpro 6970 printer with your device and follow the on-screen instructions.


Connect your HP Officejet Pro 6970 Via WPS PIN

  • Step 1: From the control panel, click the wireless button.
  • Step 2: Track the on-screen guidelines to the wi-fi protected setup.
  • Step 3: Enter the WPS PIN and tap on the OK option.
  • Step 4: Next, try accessing the wireless router or wireless access point.
  • Step 5: Once the configuration is over, your officejet pro 6970 printer will be ready with a stable connection.

HP Officejet Pro 6970 Printer Troubleshooting

Sometimes you may come across a situation when your printer may not work as per your desired way. At that time, you must troubleshoot your issues to solve your problem and process the functions. Below are the two most common problems that folks experience

Officejet Pro 6970 Driver Installation issues

  • Step 1: To begin to solve the driver installation issues, start with uninstalling the printer driver.
  • Step 2: Next, download the latest driver for contacting our experts.
  • Step 3: Tap on the autorun file and finish the procedure.
  • Step 4: In the end, try to finish the driver installation process and take a sample print.

Officejet Pro 6970 printer not found in the list

  • Step 1: If you see an error message like “printer not found in the list”, then follow the below-given instructions.
  • Step 2: Start solving the problem by manually finding your printer from the printer list.
  • Step 3: For that, add the printer and confirm that the name of the printer is there on the compatible list.
  • Step 4: If you are not able to solve the problem, contact our tech professionals.