HP Officejet 5258 Printer Setup

HP Officejet 5258 Printer
Figure 1: HP Officejet 5258 - Printer

printer setup with computer

1. Unpack the HP Officejet 5258 printer setup

  • A typical printer package will have the specified accessories in the HP Officejet 5258 printer Setup manual.
  • Open the parcel and reveal the printer out of the box.
  • Now, select the location for placing the printer and checking the accessories.
  • Next, make sure you have tri-color and black ink cartridges.
  • Note: Ensure there is no damage to the contents.

printer setup usa driver download

2. Download the HP Officejet 5258 Driver

  • The driver for the Officejet 5258 printers is the major device component.
  • Then, connect the device to the available network for downloading the drivers.
  • Choose the driver which has upgraded driver for your printer.
  • Make the printer ready with compatible settings and network connection.
  • You have to select the connection type at the end.

hp wireless printer setup

3. Connect your HP Officejet 5258 with wireless

  • Wireless connection setup is not at all a complicated process.
  • To handle it easily, you need to follow the below instructions.
  • Now, you should name for the network and security code.
  • You should select the hp officejet 5258 printer setup network with the password.
  • If there is no password for the wireless setup network, then try with a different network.

HP Officejet 5258 Printer setup

Instructions for the hp Officejet 5258 printer setup is available here. The basic printer steps are unboxing, establishing power connections, and loading papers and ink. Then, move to the perfect place for completing the above steps. If you need our help, call us.

Step 1 : Unboxing the HP Officejet 5258 Printer 

  • Firstly, move your HP Officejet 5258 printer package to the sturdy base.
  • Next, track the covering tapes and plasters from the printer parcel.
  • After you remove the plasters, keep the device on the sturdy base.
  • Then, select the accessories to connect with the hp officejet 5258 printer setup.
  • Now, choose the wall outlet to connect the power cable for the printer.
  • Hold the other end to attach it to the wall socket.
  • After that, power on the device with the help of the power button.
  • Extend the input tray and install the unused papers in the tray.
  • In the end, install new cartridges without disturbing the nozzle of the cartridge. 

Step 2 : Connect your HP Officejet 5258 Printer with computer

  • Before you print from the HP Officejet 5258 Printer setup printer, it should get the connection with the computer.
  • Offer a connection between the printer and computer using the following technique.
  • If you use the wireless method, then you need to get the wireless router.
  • For wired or USB method, you should find the USB cable.
  • Then, check the USB cable which is less than 3 meters.
  • With that requirement, move to the Officejet USB setup.
  • Now, go to the printer driver page and select the drivers to download.
  • After you download the drivers, you will get the connection window.
  • From that, choose the device connection type and do as per the instructions.

Installing a Downloaded Driver on HP Officejet 5258

The familiar way for downloading the HP  Officejet 5258 drivers is through the installation CD. Alternatively, you can use the driver site for downloading compatible drivers. When one method fails, you can utilize the other for software download. For any clarifications, call us at our helpline number.

hp printer driver download
Figure 2: HP Officejet 5258 - Driver Installation

Option 1 : Install Officejet 5258 software from CD/DVD

  • Step 1: The oldest and simplest way of downloading the driver is the CD method.
  • Step 2: Initially, the manufacturer offers the CD to import the driver for your new device.
  • Step 3: Use it with the computer and make the device alive with drivers.
  • Note: The CD can offer only a limited set of drivers.

Option 2 : Download and install HP Officejet 5258 Printer Software

  • Step 1: If the hp officejet 5258 printer setup model number and OS model is available to you, this technique is for you.
  • Step 2: With the collected requirements, proceed to the printer driver download page.
  • Step 3; Next, ensure the presence of papers and ink in the printer.
  • Step 4: In the end, download the drivers and install them easily.

Use Wireless Setup Wizard from the HP Officejet 5258 printer

Check that you have HP Officejet 5258 Wireless Setup network SSID and security key for the network. Then, turn on your Wifi router that you are going to use. Now, select the pending updates on the computer and finish it. Next, disconnect any cables from the device while processing the network setup.

Option 1 : Connect wireless Officejet 5258 printer using Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Step 1: You can only proceed with the method using the Wireless icon.
  • Step 2: Now, choose it or press it from the control panel of the device.
  • Step 3: Then, walk through the displaying instructions just to activate it.
  • Step 4: When you notice wizard, click and type the valid password.

Option 2 : Connect using Download and install Officejet 5258 wireless software

  • Step 1: The successful connection using the wireless drivers, follow the below steps.
  • Step 2: Initially, give the model number and password in the search tab.
  • Step 3: Click on Enter to find and install the necessary drivers from the webpage.
  • Step 4: Go through the driver types and enter the Download option.
hp wireless printer setup pin push method
Figure 3: HP Officejet 5258 - Wireless Setup
HP Officejet 5258 Printer Troubleshooting

When you use the printer for extended hours without proper management, it may fail. At that time, you need the right steps for rectifying all possible errors. With the exact Officejet 5258 troubleshooting steps, you can follow the below instructions.

Officejet 5258 Driver Installation issues

  • Step 1: The usual error that you may face is driver download issues.
  • Step 2: For Windows or Mac device, you have to select the latest drivers and drivers.
  • Step 3: Try to download from the beginning after you clear the partially downloaded file.
  • Step 4: If the issue is continuing, then connect with us by dialing +1844-687-6686.

Officejet 5258 printer not found in the list

  • Step 1: When the printer is not is in the device list, you need to add it.
  • Step 2: Now, you should add the particular device with the manual menu.
  • Step 3: Figure out the manual option which is available on the computer.
  • Step 4: Not able to find the option? You can allow us to help you.