HP Envy Photo Printers Setup Driver Download

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hp envy photo printers setup install

Envy Photo First Time Printer setup

What Do you need for Envy Photo printer Setup?

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Basic Requirement for Envy Photo Printer Setup

  • HP Envy Photo Printers¬†with the accessories
  • Windows or Mac computer without pending updates
  • Network name and password
  • Envy Printer Manual for additional reference

Envy Photo Printer Setting up instructions

  • Keep the HP Envy Photo printer parcel in the stable surface and peel off the packaging material.
  • Next, choose a power outlet and connect your printer to a stable power connection.
  • Then, pull out the inner paper tray to install papers in the proper arrangement.
  • Lastly, open the ink door and insert the original HP ink cartridges.

Without the trouble of using cables, you can connect the printer to the network. Initially, connect the computer to the network. Next, download the HP Envy Photo drivers. During the driver installation, you have to choose the Auto Wireless Connect.

Configure the Envy Photo printer to the network using either the WPS PIN or pushbutton method. When you choose the WPS Pin method, your router should also have the WPS Pushbutton. Initially, hit the WPS button on the printer, and then click on the WPS button on your router
The standard method to connect the Envy printer to Windows or Mac is Wireless Setup Wizard. Go to the printer control panel, touch the Network option. Next, choose the Wireless Setup Wizard option. Wait for the network screen to appear. Then, select the wireless network from the list.
For the HP Envy USB setup of wireless, you should have a wireless router. Firstly, proceed to download the printer software. While downloading the drivers, connect the USB cable temporarily. In the midway, you can get the prompt to remove the USB cable. And, it automatically assigns to the wireless settings.

Envy Photo Printer Driver Download and Installation

  • We have got easy steps to download and install the drivers for your Envy Photo printer.
  • After the successful printer setup, your device is ready to download the drivers for your envy printer.
  • Now, you have to choose the most suitable drivers and download it.
  • Once downloaded, you have to run the core file on the computer.