HP Envy Photo 7858 Install

  1. Check out the specification of your HP Envy Photo 7858 manual printer setup.
  2. As usual, the printer does the functions of printing, scanning, and copying.
  3. On completing the first time setup, you can create lavish photos at home.
  4. The Envy Photo all-in-one printer connects with Mac or Windows using the driver that you download.
  5. The following section will help you with the Wi-Fi connection setup.
  6. To know more about the technical information of the printer, refer to envy photo printer manual.
  7. When you consider the copying and printing speed, this is the best envy photo printer you will ever see.
 HP Envy Photo 7858 Manual Printer Setup

Figure 1: HP Envy Photo 7858 Install

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HP Envy Photo 7858 Wireless Printer Setup

While you proceed with the hp Envy Photo 7858 manual printer setup wirelessly, confirm the requirements. First, you need to find the available wireless network’s SSID and password. Then, select the Mac or Windows device which is already connected to the network. With the above requirements, you can proceed to the device wireless connection.

Option 1 : Connect wireless with Envy Photo 7858 printer using Wireless Setup Wizard

  • From the available method, always choose Wireless Setup Wizard for the hp envy photo 7858 manual connection.
  • Now, turn on hp 7858 printer and have a look at the printer control panel.
  • Next, choose the Wireless icon on printer control panel.
  • Then, select the Setup option and proceed with on-screen prompts.
  • Lastly, find out the network and connect by the password.

Option 2 : Connect using Download and install Envy Photo 7858 wireless software

  • Once connected with the wireless network, proceed to the driver download.
  • To download the wireless driver, reach the driver page.
  • Now, select the driver based on the OS and model.
  • After you find the driver, click on the Download option.
  • At last, download the hp envy photo 7858 manual drivers and choose the connection as Wireless.

HP Envy Photo 7858 Wifi Protected Setup

To get the uninterrupted network connection for your hp envy photo 7858 manual, printer choose the WPS setup. The method uses two different ways to connect: WPS Pin and Pushbutton. Get the network name and password which is WPA or WEP key. And also, place the router near your envy photo printer for better signal.

Option 1 : HP Envy Photo 7858 Wireless Protected Setup in Windows

  • In the beginning, choose the Setup option on envy photo printer control panel.
  • Next, click on the WPS Setup option in the list of options.
  • Now, you have to select the Push Button on the displayed options.
  • Then, select the Start option and move to the router.
  • On the router, click on the WPS button smoothly.
  • In 5 to 10 seconds, the hp envy photo 7858 manual printer will connect to the wireless network.

Option 2 : HP Envy Photo 7858 Wireless Protected Setup in Mac

  • If you have a Mac device and wireless printer, then you connect them using the WPS method.
  • Firstly, choose the Wireless icon on your hp envy photo 7858 manual printer for the wireless setup.
  • From the listed option, you should choose the Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • After that, highlight the Push Button on your computer.
  • Proceed to activate the wireless icon of your router.

HP Envy Photo 7858 WPS Connection

Preferring the easiest WPS connection method is important in hp envy photo 7858 manual setup. You have two choices to choose from WPS Pushbutton and Pin method. Now, you should make a choice according to the requirements. The basic thing is the WPS pin and a properly working router.

Connect your Envy Photo 7858 Using WPS Button

  • Initially, you should find the WPS push button on your router and the printer.
  • After figuring out the WPS button, press and hold on your envy photo printer.
  • Once you see the stable wireless light, go to the router.
  • On the router, click and hold the Pushbutton.
  • Within a few minutes, the envy photo printer will connect to the network.

Connect your HP Envy Photo 7858 Via WPS PIN

  • The network name and WPS PIN for connecting with the network.
  • Initially, refer to your router documentation to find the WPS Pin.
  • Now, select the Wireless icon of printer and select it.
  • Next, click on the Settings option on the next screen.
  • At last, highlight the WPS setup and type the password when you get the prompt.