HP Envy 5058 Install

Are you the one who uses the printer on a daily basis? Then, Envy 5058 printer is the correct device for your printing need.

  1. The printer is compatible with the latest Windows and MAC devices.
  2. Even, you can connect the smartphones and tablets for top-quality printing.
  3. It will allow you to connect with all smart devices using mobile printing solutions.
  4. With the HP ink cartridges, you can achieve lab-quality and high-speed printing.
  5. In addition, it supports wireless printing through Wireless Direct and Wifi connectivity.
  6. The drivers will activate additional features along with basic features for HP Envy 5058 printer setup.
hp Envy 5058 printer setup

Figure 1: HP Envy 5058 Install

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HP Envy 5058 Wireless Printer Setup

For the successful network setup, confirm the availability of the network name and security key. Now, switch on the Wifi router to proceed. Next, turn on the computer and complete the pending updates. Never connect the USB cable while using the wireless setup.

Option 1 : Connect wireless with Envy 5058 printer using Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Many printer users prefer Wireless Setup Wizard since it is a simple method.
  •  Go to the printer panel and choose the wireless icon.
  • Next, you have to proceed with on-screen prompts.
  • In the end, you should enter security in the dialogue box for hp envy 5058 install.

Option 2 : Connect using Download and install Envy 5058 wireless software

  • After the successful printer wireless connection, avail hp Envy 5058 drivers.
  • By using your printer model and OS, select the drivers.
  • On the driver page, give out the necessary details in the search box.
  • Once provided, wait until the page loads the necessary drivers. Download the printer software.

HP Envy 5058 Wifi Protected Setup

The first need for the wireless protected setup is a wifi router. Keep the wifi router and devices near for faster access. Then, keep the network password handy. Next, turn on both the router and printer for making the connection.

Option 1 : HP Envy 5058 Wireless Protected Setup in Windows

  • The Windows device can connect using WPS Pin or WPS pushbutton method.
  •  If you have the router with WPS button, choose the WPS pushbutton method.
  • Enable the WPS button on the router and printer to connect.
  • In case, if you use WPS pin method, connect via wireless icon and password.

Option 2 : HP Envy 5058 Wireless Protected Setup in Mac

  • Prepare your wireless printer to connect with the Mac device.
  • First of all, switch on printer and router.
  • Now, check if the router has WPS pushbutton.
  • If you find it, you can select the WPS button on the router and also the printer.
  • Just in seconds, the devices sync in your wireless network.

HP Envy 5058 WPS Connection

Before you proceed, make sure you know the wireless network name and password. Once you have the network information, turn on the router. The HP Envy 5058 printer is suitable for WPS pin and WPS pushbutton. Based on the need and convenience, select the connection method.

Connect your Envy 5058 Using WPS Button

  • The printer can connect to the network directly using the WPS button.
  • At first, select the router with the physical pushbutton.
  • When you click and hold it for moments, it will initiate the network supply.
  • Next, on the printer, hit and hold the WPS button gently.
  • Wait for the connection notification to confirm.

Connect your HP Envy 5058 Via WPS PIN

  • As a first move, jot down the network passcode.
  •  You should enter when asked on the connection screen.
  •  Now, confirm the working condition of printer and router.
  • Next, find and click on the Wireless icon.
  • From that screen, select the wireless protected setup option.
  •  Connect using the password and enter it in the password box.