HP Envy 5055 Software

The HP Envy 5055 printer is a compact device with print, scan, and copy features. To enable all these features, download the latest hp envy 5055 software. It imports the necessary instruction code to tell the printer what to do. The printing quality and supported features majorly on the driver and software package that you download. For each OS and feature, HP provides a variety of hp envy 5055 series software.

HP envy 5055 software scan using webscan setup

Step 1: Connect Envy 5055 printer and Chromebook to the same local network.

  1. Go to Wireless and run the Wireless Wizard.
  2. Choose the network and enter the password for wifi connection.

Step 2: Get the IP address of your printer

  1. Choose the Wireless icon on the printer and note down the IP address displayed.

Step 3: Scan the documents through envy 5055 scanner software

  1. Select Scan –> Settings –> Security option.
  2. Under Administrator Settings, click Webscan and press OK.
  3. Then again, choose Scan and then press Start Scan.
install hp envy 5055 printer software
Figure 1 : HP Envy 5055 software

Print documents using hp envy 5055 printer software

Download and install envy 5055 software to the printer-connected computer. Open the file and click Print with a specified number of printouts you want.

Step 1 : Envy 5055 software print using (os x and macOS)

  1. At first, connect your Mac computer to hp 5055 printer.
  2. On your Mac, complete hp envy 5055 software download.
  3. Open the document that you want to print and adjust the settings accordingly.
  4. Move to the app or software and click on Print.
  5. Search for the Printer button and choose the printer with it.
  6. Edit the settings for the print job and save the changes.
  7. Finally, click on Print and get the printouts in a snap.

Print photos using hp envy 5055 printer software

Finish hp envy 5055 install and select the photo that you wish to print. Then, open hp envy 5055 mac software and press the Print option.

Step 2 : Envy 5055 photo print from computer using (os x and macOS)

Step 1: Place the photo paper in the paper tray

  1. Pull the main paper tray and select a stack of photo papers.
  2. Make sure that the paper’s short edge rests inside the tray.

Step 2: Print with envy 5055 printer software

  1. Edit the basic settings for the photo including brightness, color, and so on.
  2. Go to File and choose Print.
  3. You may require to choose Presets to print photos.
  4. Once all the changes have made, click Print.

Option 1 : Envy 5055 Printer Scanner Software Setup For Wireless Connection

  1. Webscan is the standard feature to scan your files using the Chrome browser.
  2. To use this facility, access Embedded Web Server on your printer.
  3. Get wireless connection for envy 5055 printer using Wireless Setup wizard.
  4. Select the network and type the passcode to connect.
  5. From your computer, open hp envy 5055 scanning software and scan your files.
  6. For, hp printer problem fix and wireless setup contact our technical assist to get more information.

Option 2 : Envy 5055 scan: how to scan documents to e-mail

  1. Place the document in the Automatic Document Feeder or the scanner glass.
  2.  Download the HP Envy 5055 scan software and install it.
  3. Open the document, which is attached to the email.
  4. Click on Scan and save the files in PDF or JPEG format using HP Scan software.
  5. At last, compose an email with the scanned document attached and send it.
Envy 5055 software successfull printing tips
  1. Change the print settings according to the need.
  2. Use only original hp ink cartridges and clean the nozzles when needed.
  3. Get the latest Envy 5055 software and drivers.
  4. Select compatible and undamaged papers to feed in the printer.
  5. Frequently, check the ink levels and replace the empty cartridges.