HP Envy 5055 Driver

  1. To start working with Envy 5055 with computers, download the latest drivers and software.
  2. Before you get the drivers, complete the initial printer setup.
  3. Now, select the computer or laptop that you want to connect.
  4. Ensure that you have selected the right OS version.
  5. Then, choose hp envy 5055 driver according to the OS.
  6. For example, if you choose a Mac device, select hp envy 5055 mac driver.
  7. After choosing, complete hp envy 5055 driver download.
  8. Install the hp 5055 driver to your device.

hp envy 5055 driver

Figure 1: HP Envy 5055 Driver

HP Envy 5055 Driver Download for printer
HP Envy 5055 Driver Download
One Click Install for Envy 5055
One Click Install for Envy 5055
HP Envy 5055 Perfect Driver Setup
HP Envy 5055 Perfect Driver Setup

 Envy 5055 Driver Download for Windows

  • Step 1: At first, switch on your printer and Windows computer to install hp envy 5055 driver.
  • Step 2: Note: Select the compatible Windows OS to get the exact driver for hp envy 5055.
  • Step 3: Enter the printer name and number on the setup page to download hp envy 5055.
  • Step 4: Click on Search to get the entire list of drivers and software to choose from.
  • Step 5: Click the Download button of the selected drivers and let it download on the computer.
  • Step 6: Once it is downloaded, open the installer to run the downloaded envy 5055 drivers.
  • Step 7: At last, follow the installation wizard instructions to complete the setup.

 Envy 5055 Driver Download for Mac

  • Step 1: It is easy to complete hp envy 5055 setup mac with the below simple steps.
  • Step 2: Now, power on the devices and type your printer details. Enter both the model number and the name.
  • Step 3: You can now get envy 5055 driver list. Then, select the one you want to download.
  • Step 4: After that, press the Download icon to extract hp envy 5055 scanning software.
  • Step 5: Proceed to hp envy 5055 install after the driver is downloaded.
  • Step 6: Note: Make use of the software installer for manual installation.
  • Step 7: On the wizard screen, select Run or Install option and follow on-screen instructions.

Option 1: Update Printer Drivers Using Device Manager

When you get “envy 5055 driver unavailable” message, check if the OS version is compatible. If you notice any updates pending on the computer, complete it first. Then, follow the below steps.
  • From your Windows device, select Devices and Printers.
  • Expand the option, find your device and right-click on it.
  • After that, click on Update Driver Software to run the driver wizard.
  • The wizard may offer two options to download the updates.
  • Based on your convenience, select Automatic or Manual option.
  • When you choose Automatic option, Windows computer searches for built-in drivers and install them.

Option 2 : Download envy 5055 Printer Drivers Manually

To get updated driver for envy 5055 printer, use the printer control panel. Before you start, check if the printer supports Web Service and it is turned on.
  • Note: If your printer is linked using the USB cable, you cannot use this method.
  • Now, avail network connection for your printer to get HP Envy 5055 driver.
  • At first, go to Setup and then Preferences or Tools.
  • Choose Web Services or Printer Update for updating drivers.
  • Once you setup your printer for automatic updates, it completes the update itself.
  • To check manually, click Check for Updates option.

Features of envy 5055 printer driver

Need for driver Download

  1. Since Envy 5055 is a home-office printer, you can download either full features drivers or basic drivers.
  2. Every driver is unique with the features and quality it offers.

Full features drivers

  1. HP Envy 5055 driver supportes for both Windows and Mac.
  2. The latest driver offers complete guided installation for printer network connection.
  3. As a bonus, you get the hp envy 5055 scan software
Basic drivers
  1. It supports 5055 basic functions with add-on printing and scanning drivers.
  2. You can get this driver for all OS models including Mac and Windows.
Additional printing apps:
  1. HP offers few apps for printing from your device.
  2. Download and install the app to print your favorite documents from it.
How do I connect my Envy 5055 to my computer?
Start the process by downloading compatible hp envy 5055 drivers. It can be either hp envy 5055 driver mac or windows. Choose according to the OS version of your computer
  1. Now, turn on your printer as well as the computer. Then, download hp Envy 5055 all-in-one printer driver to the computer.
  2. While you install, choose the connection type as USB or Wireless.
  3. To add envy 5055 printer to the computer, go to the computer’s Control Panel.
  4. Then, select Devices and Printers option to choose Add a Printer icon.
  5. On the connection screen, you can see your printer’s name.
  6. Now, click on it and install hp envy 5055 printer.
  7. To verify if the printer is added to the list properly, check the device list.
  8. If it is not in the list, once again add the printer to the local list.

hp envy 5055 printer connect

Figure 2: HP Envy 5055 Printer connect

Download Printer Driver for Windows XP

Initially, get the wired or wireless connection between Envy 5055 and Windows XP. Find printer driver for hp envy 5055. Access control panel to select your device.Specify the right USB port and link your device.

Download hp 5055 Printer Driver for Windows 7

From your Windows computer, select the Control Panel. Choose Devices and Printers. Then, Add a printer, network. After that, select your Envy 5055 printer. Select the necessary port and complete the pending windows update. Click HP to connect your printer.

Download Printer Driver for Windows Vista

If envy 5055 driver is unavailable, get the drivers. Next, connect your printer to Windows Vista using wireless or USB connection. Then, from a device panel, select your printer using a wizard.

Download hp 5055 Printer Driver for Windows 8.1

Go to Settings and choose Devices option from the list. Next, select Add a printer or scanner. Search for your printer name and click on it. Choose the appropriate port and click on Windows Update. Once the update is completed, click on HP and add your Envy 5055 printer.
Steps for HP printer is not found in the network driver Configuration

The major problem during the network connection is hp envy 5055 driver unavailable. To get rid of this issue, check the connection, print system, and settings. Now, follow the easy hp envy 5055 troubleshooting steps.

Step 1 : Install the new version of HP Print and Scan Doctor

  1. To begin with, open it and fix the possible hp Envy 5055 connection failures.
  2. Delete and get new HP drivers
  3. Initially, remove the USB cable connected to the printer.
  4. On Windows device, open Control Panel.
  5. Go to Programs –> Uninstall a program. Then, choose your HP Envy 5055 name.
  6. Confirm the uninstallation by clicking Yes.
  7. While you uninstall the drivers, your printer should be active with the papers and ink cartridges.
  8. Finally, get the recent Envy 5055 drivers and software and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 2: Through the printer connection (Both wired and wireless)

  1. Now, restart the router, printer, and computer.
  2. If needed, modify the network settings and again connect to the printer.
HP envy 5055 network configuration
Figure 2: HP Envy 5055 Network Configuration