HP Deskjet 2652 Install

  • Perform the printing task as you wish with HP Deskjet 2652 printer.
  • The printer works with all versions of Mac and Windows devices. When you connect printer to Mac or Windows, it brings the most of your printer.
  • Initiate the printing process by downloading the latest basic or full feature driver.
  • Without any difficulty, print your photos or documents by connecting through a wireless network.
  • Your printer comes with the option to customize your print settings.
  • The supported platforms are Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.
hp deskjet 2652 driver

Figure 1: HP Deskjet 2652 Printer Install

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HP Deskjet 2652 Wireless Setup

Enable the printer’s wireless connection based on the computer that you have connected. The basic methods are wireless setup wizard and Wi-Fi Protected Setup. To use any method, you have to get network name and password. Make sure that you are not using any docking station for network connection.

Option 1 : Connect wireless Deskjet 2652 printer using Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Step 1: At the router end, turn on and check all the settings.
  • Step 2: Now, power up the printer for connecting with your available network.
  • Step 3: Next, select and press the Wireless icon on your printer.
  • Step 4:Then, select the Settings option to obtain the Wireless Summary Screen.
  • Step 5: Choose the Wireless Setup Wizard, and then stick to the prompts.

Option 2 : Download and install HP Deskjet 2652 wireless software

  • Step 1: In general, the basic driver comes with the wireless software.
  • Step 2: If you want separate wireless software, then go to the driver section.
  • Step 3:From the section, download the new driver package with the Download option.
  • Step 4:After the Download, double-click on the file to install it.

HP Deskjet 2652 WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

Start the HP Deskjet 2652 wireless setup after the initial setup. Now, turn on your printer and router for the Wireless Protected Setup. Next, the router should have the WPS pushbutton for this method. In addition, you can have the passcode for the network.

Option 1 : HP Deskjet 2652 Wireless Protected Setup in Windows

  • To avail of the connection for the selected device, you need to turn on the router.
  • After turning on, move to the printer and click on Network icon.
  • Once you have clicked the option, you can see network list.
  • Go through the network list to select network.
  • When prompted for the password, you need to enter the password.

Option 2 : HP Deskjet 2652 Wireless Protected Setup in Mac

  • Turn on the Mac device after completing the basic printer setup.
  • Now, switch on the router and keep it ready.
  • Next, select the available Menu icon from the Mac device.
  • Then, go through the available networks from the list.
  • Once you find the network, select it, and connect using the valid password.

HP Deskjet 2652 WPS Connection

Initially, check out the internet connection to proceed with any method. Now, choose the password that you want to use with network connection. Mainly, the router should have the potential to work with WPS mode. Next, choose the router and turn on.

Connect your Deskjet 2652 Using WPS Button

  • To begin with, go through the condition of the router and computer.
  • On the printer, confirm the first time printer setup.
  • Then, switch on the router and let it ready for the setup.
  • Now, click on the WPS button on your router.
  • Before that, tap and hold the WPS button on printer.

Connect your HP Deskjet 2652 Via WPS PIN

  • Initially, select the router, which is compatible with the WPS Pin method.
  • Next, switch on the router for connecting to network.
  • You have to note the network name and password.
  • After that, click on the Wireless icon on the device and complete printer setup
  • Now, move to Settings to choose network and type the password.