HP Deskjet Printers Setup Driver Download

The new version of DJ printer drivers is necessary for ceaseless performance. With our detailed instructions, you can download or update the drivers.

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hp deskjet printers setup install drivers

Deskjet First Time Printer setup

What Do you need for Deskjet printer Setup?

Your Deskjet printer needs the recent version of drivers for effective printing. Now, we can assist you with the HP Deskjet printers setup, driver setup, and network setup.

Basic Requirement for Deskjet Printer Setup

  • New HP Deskjet Printers along with the Windows or Mac device
  • Original HP Printer supplies
  • A USB cable for the USB connection method
  • Wireless router for wireless connection

Deskjet Printer Setting up instructions

  • To begin with, unpack your Deskjet printer and place it on a solid base.
  • Now, unwrap the power cord to proceed with the power connection.
  • Then, wipe clean the inner paper tray and fix papers.
  • After that, open the cartridge access door and insert your new cartridges. 

Deskjet Printer Driver Download and Installation

  • Initially, connect the HP Deskjet printer to the Mac or Windows computer.
  • Then, proceed to the driver download process with your OS and printer model.
  • Now, select the new driver from the list and wait for the download to complete.
  • Using the installer, run the HP Deskjet printer driver.

No password and cable are necessary for the HP Auto Wireless mode. To begin with, establish a proper network connection for the computer. Straightaway, move to the driver download process. When you get the connection screen, select the Auto Wireless.

If you have a router with physical WPS pushbutton, then select the WPS pushbutton method. Or else, select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Now, click on the printer’s WPS button. In a while, click the router’s WPS button. Once clicked on both the devices, the printer connects to a suitable network.

Want to connect the HP Deskjet printer to the wireless network? If yes, then here are the instructions. Now, you have to head to the printer panel for selecting the Wireless menu. On the next screen, look for the Network menu and click it. To conclude, proceed with the network selection.

Basically, you can use the following set of instructions to help with the USB setup of wireless. Make sure the device has a USB connection. You need to connect the USB cable temporarily. With the cable connection, download the driver. Remove the wire when it prompts to do so and change to wireless.