HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer Setup

HP Envy photo 6255 Printer setup
Figure 1 : HP Envy Photo 6255 – Printer

hp envy photo 6255 setup

1. Unpack the HP Envy Photo 6255 printer Setup

  • Open the parcel just to find the included printer and components of the device.
  • Now, confirm the accessories for your new device for connecting with the device.
  • Your printer is eligible to print if it has all the accessories included in the printer manual.
printer setup usa driver download

2. Download the HP Envy Photo 6255 Driver

Looking for the Envy 6255 printer software and firmware?

  • Then, you can surely get the details of the Envy 6255 photo printer.
  • The series of drivers for your printer is now listed with the benefits.
  • Prefer basic driver or full solution software for your photo printer.
hp wireless printer setup

3. Connect your HP Envy Photo 6255 with wireless

  • Follow the procedure for your device installation using the wireless network.
  • Find the network credentials for the printer to combine with the selected network access.
  • Touch the wireless icon on the hp envy photo 6255 printer setup and access the network.
  • Then, lead to driver download for full printer setup.

Envy Photo 6255 Printer Setup Guide

To enhance the basic features of the printer, you should do the printer setup. At first, finish the setup of the device using the instructions stated in our upcoming title. You can also refer to the hp envy photo 6255 printer manual.

Step 1 : Unboxing the HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer

  • Step 1 : Begin the initial setup for your 6255 photo printer with the following instructions.
  • Step 2 : Firstly, find a smooth surface for the printer to unpack.
  • Step 3 : Now, remove the packaging materials from outside and inside of the printer box.
  • Step 4 : Then, choose a more accessible and flat spot to keep the device.
  • Step 5 : After that, reveal the things in your printer box.
  • Step 6 : Later, link the power cable to the correct power port. Spot the working wall outlet to connect the other end.
  • Step 7 : Expand printer’s paper tray just to nourish papers in it.
  • Step 8 : Move to the ink carriage area of the printer and snap the available ink in hp envy photo 6255 printer setup.

Step 2 : Connect your HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer with computer

  • Step 1 : For enjoying the add-on features on the hp envy photo 6255 printer setup, connect the printer perfectly.
  • Step 2 : The printer USB connection is a straightforward approach for connecting the device.
  • Step 3 : Firstly, look for the USB cable that you need for USB connection.
  • Step 4 : Choose a suitable USB cable for connecting with the printer device.
  • Step 5 : Now, make sure the length of the cable is enough to connect between the devices.
  • Step 6 : Then, download the drivers according to your device model.
  • Step 7 : Install the driver with the help of a built-in installer on your computer.
  • Step 8 : Keep the cable ready while installing the firmware to attach the cable.

HP Envy Photo 6255 Driver Installation

All-in-one drivers are the best choice for the HP Envy 6255 printer. Make sure the stable connection between the printer and the computer. Get the connection for downloading the basic and driver firmware for the device.

hp printer driver download

Figure 2 : HP Envy Photo 6255 driver download and install

Option 1 : Install Envy Photo 6255 software from CD/DVD

  • If HP offers CD for your Envy 6255 printer, then make use of it.
  • Now, find the CD tray of your device and check it to install the CD.
  •  Next, wait until your computer detects the CD.
  • Once detected, follow the on-screen instructions for hp envy photo 6255 printer setup.

Option 2 : Download and install HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer Software

  • Begin the printing work for your Envy 6255 printer with the driver download.
  •  Then, establish a connection with the computer.
  •  And now, move to the website and download the Envy 6255 drivers.
  • You have to confirm the printer connection with the network before completing it. 
HP Envy Photo 6255 Wireless Setup

As usual, collect the network credentials which is valid. Next, move to the printer control panel of the HP Envy Photo 6255 setup. Then, have a look at the panel to choose the wifi icon. Now, connect with the network using those collected credentials.

Option 1 : Connect wireless with Envy Photo 6255 printer using Wireless Setup Wizard

  • The conventional method for the Envy 6255 printer is connecting through Wizard.
  •  Now, figure out the wireless mode on the hp envy photo 6255 printer setup.
  • Successively, choose the network and type the password to enable the network.
  • What’s more? Your printer is now internet ready.

Option 2 : Connect using Download and install Envy Photo 6255 wireless software

  • Once you connect to the broadband network, you will have to find drivers.
  • Through the wireless setup process, download Envy 6255 drivers and install them.
  •  Remove the cables when you are installing drivers.
  • Go with the instructions shown on the screen for solving the printer issues and troubleshooting problem fix.
hp envy photo 6255 wireless setup

Figure 3 : HP Envy Photo 6255 wireless setup