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hp driver setup for windows
Figure 1 : HP Driver Setup for Windows

Printer Software Download for Windows Setup

  1. Complete the printer initial setup and turn on the computer you want to connect.
  2. For downloading hp printer drivers, go to a driver setup page.
  3. On the driver search tab, enter the printer name and model.
  4. Now, the setup page lists only the drivers that are compatible with your OS.
  5. Click Download for downloading a recently launched printer driver.
  6. While getting the installation prompt, install drivers and add hp printer to the network device list.
  7. Next, go to the Start icon and select the Devices.
  8. Click on Add a printer or scanner and get the network printer list nearby.
  9. Choose the hp printer from the list and click Add.

Printer Software Download for Mac Setup

  1. Ensure that your printer is pre-installed with papers and ink cartridges.
  2. Now, switch on your printer and the computer.
  3. Select the printer model and click on Search or Begin.
  4. As per the OS and printer model, the computer loads the latest hp print drivers and software.
  5. Scroll through the driver list and pick the package that includes all the print functions.
  6. Next, press Download icon and check if the download process is started.
  7. It may take around two to three minutes to download the setup file.
  8. Open the recently downloaded file and install it via the computer installer.
  9. Finally, add a printer to your Apple device using the System Preferences.
HP Driver for Mac
Figure 2 : HP Driver Setup for Mac

Printer Setup Guide

To Install your printer and connect with computer folloe the instructions. You have to connect the printer to  a power source and to a computer to print from, using the cables given. After this, you have to give your printer ‘life’ by installing the driver on it. If you thought that meant switching on the power source, well. Once the driver has been installed, setup the language and other preferences on the printer. You are good to go.

printer connect to computer

How to Setup a New Printer?

The printer is simple to setup. But it has unbelievable uses. You will need the power cord, the USB cable, the printer drivers and a power supply unit to setup the printer
printer driver download

How to Download Printer Driver?

The driver on the printer is like the functional unit and it has to be installed in time for the printer to be used. Get the most suitable and latest driver installed on the printer.
hp wireless printer setup

How to Install Wireless Printer?

Once you setup printing, it is easy to setup scanning or copying on your printer. You will need a separate driver version to setup wireless printing though
printer troubleshooting

How to Fix a Printer Problem?

Operating and using the printer comes with its share of troubles and errors. You can always reach out to us for troubleshooting and we will help resolve your printer error.
why choose printer setup usa
Figure 3 : Why Choose Printer Setup USA

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First Time HP Printer Setup

  • Step 1 : Clear the outer stickers on the printer box and open it.
  • Step 2 : Pull out the printer as well as the device accessories.
  • step 3 : Select a firm base and place your printer on it.
  • Step 1 : Get the printer power cord and verify the cable ends.
  • Step 2 : Connect it to the wall outlet and connect the other end to your printer.
  • step 3 : Switch on the printer using the Power icon.
  • Step 1 : Take the ink cartridge package and remove the outer cover.
  • Step 2 : Next, peel the tape on the cartridge and open the ink access door.
  • step 3 : Hold the cartridges on the plastic sides and fix them into the slots.
  • Step 1 : Stretch out the main tray completely and move the paper guide to the left extreme.
  • Step 2 : Install sufficient papers to the tray and adjust the guides.
  • step 3 :  Push the tray back to its position and open the output tray.
  • Step 1 : Select a Mac or Windows computer or laptop to connect with your printer.
  • Step 2 : Download printer drivers and software to the computer.
  • step 3 :  Connect the printer to the computer once you get the connection screen.
Figure 4 : HP Printer Setup